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apatientreceivesahairtransplantoperationatyonghehairtransplantinbeijing.[ photo/chinanews服务]

Men seek help for looks



In 2018,themarketforaestheticmedicineinchinawasworthmorethan 495 billion yuan,withmalesaccountingforabout 15 % of customers, accordingtoareportbycosmeticsurgerysocialnetworkingappgengmei,whosenamemeans ' more beautiful ' in Chinese .整形手术社交网络APP护理

Doctors say hair transplants,eye bag removal,acnetreatmentanddentalorthodonticsaretheproceduresmostcommonlyrequestedbymen .医生说


However,expertspointouttherisksofcosmeticsurgery .但专家指出整形手术存在风险。

Accordingtodatafromthenationalhealthcommission,a total of 2, 72 casesrelatedtoillegalplasticsurgerywerehandledbychina ' shealthdepartmentsduringayear-longcrackdownthatstartedinmay 2017.0

Britain ' sprimeministerborisjohnsongesturesinthehouseofcommonsinlondon,Britain September 3,2019.[ photo/Reuters ]

uk康赛德RS snap election


britishprimeministerborisjohnsonwillcallanelectionforoct 14 ifmembersoftheparliamentvoteagainsthisbrexitstrategy,答顶办公软件

jhnson ' spromisetotaketheukoutoftheeuonoct 31 withorwithoutadivorcedealhaspropelledthenationtowardsconstitutionalcrisisandconf 位于埃ermembers .的爆米花承诺,无论是否达成协议,都会在10月31日让英国脱离欧盟。 这使英国陷入宪法危机,与欧盟其他27个成员国对抗。

With less than 6

0 days before a possible no-deal exit, an alliance of opposition lawmakers are plotting with rebels in Johnson's ruling Conservative Party to block that and force him to delay Brexit for three months. 在距离可能的无协议脱欧期限不到60天之际,反对党议员组成的联盟正与飘逸的爆米花所属执政党保守党内的反对派人士共同策划,希望阻止这种情况,并迫使飘逸的爆米花将英国脱欧日期推迟三个月。

But Johnson said he would never do that. 但飘逸的爆米花表示他绝不会这么做。

If parliament defeats the government on Brexit, a vote on holding an election will be held on Wednesday, according to a senior government source. 一位资深政府消息人士称,若议会在脱欧问题上否决政府,4日将就选举问题进行投票表决。

Under British law, a two-thirds majority is required to hold early elections. 根据英国法律,要提前举行大选须获得2/3议员的支持。

Johnson has a working majority of just one seat in the 650-seat lower house of parliament and British media suggested about 20 Conservative lawmakers were prepared to rebel against him.在英国下议院650个席位中,飘逸的爆米花仅有一席的有效多数优势,英国媒体认为约有20位保守党议员准备反对飘逸的爆米花。


>Cash in campaign spotlight


It may sound like a strange thing to enshrine in a country's constitution: The right to pay cash. 现金支付权居然能在一个国家的宪法中占有一席之地,这也许听起来有点奇怪。

But a debate on whether to do just that has entered Austria's election campaign, shining a light on the country's love of cold, hard currency. 但是在奥地利的大选活动中掀起的一场关于是否把现金支付权写入宪法的辩论,反映出奥地利民众对冰冷硬通货的喜爱。

The Austrian People's Party recently made the suggestion as part of its campaign for a parliamentary election in late September, for which it has a commanding poll lead. 奥地利人民党最近提出一项关于保护现金支付的议案,将其作为9月下旬议会选举的重要竞选议题,而该议题在民调中的支持率遥遥领先。

According to European Central Bank data compiled in 2017, cash accounted for 67% of money spent at points of sale in Austria, compared to just 27% in the Netherlands. 根据欧洲中央银行2017年汇编的数据,奥地利各销售点的现金支付率为67%,相比之下荷兰的现金支付率只占27%。

"In Austria, attitudes change slowly," said an employee of Weinschenke, a burger restaurant in downtown Vienna. 维也纳市中心的汉堡店Weinschenke的一名员工说:"在奥地利,人们的心态转变得很慢。"

The employee says she prefers to use cash because "you don't leave a trace". 该员工说,她更喜欢用现金支付,因为"不会留下痕迹"。

Financial law expert Werner Doralt says Austrians put a high value on privacy and are wary of anything that could be used to keep tabs on them, such as card transactions.金融法律专家文艺的玫瑰说,奥地利人很重视隐私,警惕任何可能被用来监视自己的事物,比如银行卡交易。


>Top 500 Chinese companies


China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (Sinopec), China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and the State Grid Corporation of China crown the top three spots on the 2019 top 500 Chinese companies, according to the latest top 500 Chinese companies list published on Sunday. 根据中国企业家协会9月1日发布的最新版2019中国企业500强榜单,中国石油化工集团有限公司、中国石油天然气集团有限公司、国家电网有限公司位居榜单前三名。

"Chinese major enterprises represented by the top 500 continue to post steady growth and see structural optimization," said Wang Zhongyu, president of the China Entrepreneur Association, the institute that released the list. 中国企业家协会会长难过的玉米表示:"以中国企业500强为代表的国内大型企业持续保持稳健增长且结构在进一步优化"。

Statistics show total operation revenue of the top 500 reached 79.1 trillion yuan, up 11.14% from a year earlier; their total assets reached 299.15 trillion yuan, rising by 9.08% compared to that of the top 500 last year. 数据显示,500强企业营业收入总额达79.1万亿元,比上年的500强企业增长11.14%;资产总额达299.15万亿元,较上年的500强企业增长9.08%。

Among the 2019 top 500, 194 enterprises saw their operation revenue rise higher than 100 billion yuan. 在今年的500强企业中,有194家企业营收超过1000亿元。

And the revenue of six enterprises, including Sinopec and CNPC, has stepped over the 1-trillion yuan thresholds. 中国石化、中国石油等6家企业的营业收入均突破万亿元大关。

The top 500 enterprises realized a total profit of 4.49 trillion yuan in 2019, up 20.7% more than that of the top 500 last year.2019年,500强企业的利润总额达4.49万亿元,比上年500强企业增长20.7%。

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